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The Spirit
of Merchelles

Working Remotely

Merchelles has adopted a hybrid working model where staff have the flexibility to work some days from home and, where possible, to determine their own working hours. Alternate days are spent in the office to meet with clients and colleagues for collaboration and camaraderie. Training and mentorship is also provided during days in the office. To compete for and retain talent in the increasingly mobile economy, Merchelles enables staff flexibility, thereby improving work-life balance for all.

Ready. Steady. Reboot

At Merchelles we maintain our upbeat team spirit by ensuring we hit the refresh button on a regular basis. Periodically, the Merchelles team spends an afternoon together, enjoying an engaging outdoor activity, which is always followed by sharing some laughs and stories over a good meal. Taking time out of  our busy schedules to acknowledge and prioritise our wellbeing has always enhanced camaraderie and improved the dynamics between team members. It is our firm belief that a cohesive team will better serve the needs of our clients, stakeholders and communities.