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N1 Highway Upgrade, Laingsburg

Client: SANRAL/V3 Consulting Engineers.

Project description: Merchelles are the targeted enterprise to V3 Consulting Engineers on the SANRAL N.001-040-2020/2F Road Upgrade Project in the vicinity of Laingsburg in the Western Cape. Central to the country’s strategic road network, this exciting project sees the improvement of the N1 highway to a full dual carriageway standard to accommodate the growth in regional traffic.

Scope of work: The multi-faceted project is made more interesting by the flood history of the Buffels River, and subsequent overtopping of the N1 road bridge at the entrance to the town. The widening of the road necessitated the redesign of the Buffels River Bridge, and a detailed hydraulic investigation was carried out to ensure the bridge could accommodate future flood waters.

To date, Merchelles have provided multidisciplinary services to V3, including detailed hydraulic analysis of the Buffels River bridge, hydrological analysis of the catchment areas feeding into the  three main bridges along this section, bridge and culvert design, traffic engineering and non-motorised transport evaluation, geometric design and HDM4 economic analysis.