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Reflecting the Future
In Structures


South Africa is on a development drive to remedy the prejudiced implementation of infrastructure during the apartheid years, and to meet the demands of a continually advancing economy and population. To build an efficiently robust infrastructure, it is vitally important that each entity is structurally sound, from stability and strength to rigidity and integrity. Merchelle’s Collective is proud to play a role in the upliftment of our nation’s infrastructure through the provision of expert structural engineering services.

The team has experience in a wide variety of structural projects, ranging from the design of minor structures through to major bridges, and providing support to the road design team in all specialist civil structures including culverts, retaining walls, pedestrian, and road and rail bridges. We also have extensive experience in bridge and culvert inspections, testing whether they are structurally sound and fit for purpose.

The core services offered by the structural design team include bridge design, from road and rail to pedestrian bridges, utilising pre-stressed, post-tensioned and reinforced concrete, as well as structural steel and composites (steel-concrete, precast concrete beam and slab). Our major culvert design services include agricultural underpasses, drainage culverts   and services culverts, while our retaining structure design capabilities include retaining walls, large junction boxes and reservoirs. We also provide design of temporary works for construction.

We have experience in the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing bridges and culverts and are certified by SANRAL to perform visual inspections of them. We are also qualified to perform structural inspections for Abnormal Load Clearance.

In addition, our structural services cover major industrial projects, including the design of warehousing, platforms, retaining walls and specialist silo-type structures.